Scottish 6 Day, D3 (02/08/2011)
Category: Maps
Map/area: Creag Mhic Chailein
Organiser: ESOC
Country: Scotland
Discipline: Long
Distance: 17.25 km
Time: 121:26
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 185
Had an ok race.
I didn't push the pace at all, just kept it country.
From the first few finishers, I knew the terrain was tough so I planned to take it easy.
Kept it country and just looked after my orienteering.
Was too high for number 8, so by the time I discovered my error, I was pricking about for 1:30. Ran clean for the next few controls and kept the pace controlled.
I caught a GB guy at 17 and then mucked up 18 - I was expecting to be the last person out on the course....
Dropped 2mins.
Kept it clean and slowly began to pick the pace up... then my legs began to cramp... the last 5 controls just hurt.
Finished up 17th, 25mins down
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Scottish 6 Day, D3 (02/08/2011)